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TONY SCAGLIONE is the powerhouse drummer and founding member of WHIPLASH.


Scaglione, known world-wide for his thrashing on "Power and Pain," began playing drums at age ten in elementary school. He met Tony Portaro in the early eighties, and after recruiting Tony Bono (R.I.P. 2002) on bass, they shopped their demo to labels and landed a deal with RoadRunner to release "Power And Pain" in 1986.


Tony Scaglione left New Jersey thrashers WHIPLASH to replace Dave Lombardo in SLAYER during the 1986 "Reign in Blood Tour" when Dave quit the band for a few months.


Tony has graced the throne with many bands since forming WHIPLASH. He had the opportunity to perform with notable acts LUDICHRIST, during their "Immaculate Deception" U.S. tour in 1988, and SHEER TERROR for their "Love Songs For The Unloved" North American tour 1996 and their farewell US and European tours in 1998.


He recorded and/or toured North America and Europe with M.O.D. (with Tony Portaro), CAUSE FOR ALARM and RAGING SLAB. Performing with many diverse bands strengthened his versatility as a player, putting him in great demand as a session/touring musician. Tony has also performed with NORTH SIDE KINGS, DEATHRASH, ZERO HOUR, EIGHTFOLD, FRANK LLOYD VINYL, The MICHAEL NITRO BAND, MANTRA, and 7 LICKS.

Scaglione returned to WHIPLASH and released "Thrashback" in 1998 with original members Portaro and Bono.


Inducted into SICK DRUMMER's Hall of Fame, Tony Scaglione enjoys learning and playing many styles of music. He was influenced by many different drummers, especially Steve Smith (JOURNEY) and Jazz innovator Tony Williams (R.I.P. 1997). Very active in the field of drum education, he runs a private teaching practice.


Rejoining WHIPLASH for some 30th Anniversary shows of "Power and Pain" in 2016, Scaglione announced in a press release:

"The stars have finally aligned! It's with great pleasure that I can officially announce my return to WHIPLASH, where it all started for Tony Portaro and I. It is truly an honor to realize that people to this day still appreciate the music we created after all of these years."



Tony Scaglione plans to deliver some Power Thrashing Death with WHIPLASH as his schedule permits.

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