Tom (Tomahawk) Tierney started playing drums by banging on pots and pans in his parents’ house in San Antonio, Texas. They soon had enough of that, and bought him a set of bongos. Being musically inclined, Tom took piano lessons early on, then by age 13, he started playing the guitar. At around the age of 17, Tom added drums to his repertoire. With Metal as his first love, he immediately started learning on a double pedal. Some of his early influences were Tim Yeung, George Kollias, Dave Macintosh, and AJ Pero.

In 2015, Tom had the opportunity to drum tech for AJ Pero, while out on the road with ADRENALINE MOB. Switching gears, he went on tour with Angel Vivaldi in 2016, as his guitar tech and Front of House engineer.

Wishing to pursue engineering professionally, Tom Tierney moved out to Los Angeles and launched Dreamcraft Studios. He also drums for the LA-based, power/prog metal band, SOLARIA.

Tierney’s musical goals are to make a living playing all kinds of music, while working as a studio engineer.


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