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DANK DeLONG  bass/backing vocals

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Dank DeLong was born and raised in the rural farmlands of North-Eastern Pennsylvania "Dutch Country." Throughout high school, he performed in several rock & punk bands.


In rural PA, Dank could be found wildly riding dirt bikes through the forests and rocky mountains, having all-night RV parties, and playing music and signing until the sun came up. On Sundays, he would be standing in the back of his hometown church, singing loud, hardcore versions of the songs in the hymnal.


Growing up playing acoustic and reading music, Dank could make his old beat-up guitar sound like a pricey Gibson. But his powerful hands would break strings so frequently that he gravitated toward the bass.


After graduating high school, he arrived with his drummer at New York's Port Authority Bus Terminal, guitar in hand. Migrating to the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Dank quickly became a fixture of the 80’s Metal, Hardcore and Punk scenes, playing bass in WHITE PLASTIC and ULTRA-VIOLENCE, and fronting KING OF KINGS. In the 90’s he fronted INFRADIG and played many acoustic solo gigs.

In those days, Dank could be found playing at CBGB's and the Bitter End, haunting the streets of NYC in his VW Camper, or serenading the streets below from a rooftop fire-escape on 8th Avenue.


Being an avid thrash fan his whole life, Dank was recommended by friend Rob Moschetti (GENERATION KILL, ex-PRO-PAIN, M.O.D.) to tryout for WHIPLASH at the end of 2010. As soon as Tony Portaro witnessed Dank's formidable stage presence, auditions were over. Dank found his new home upfront and alongside Portaro. Four months later, WHIPLASH began a string of European shows, opening in Italy, then playing Greece, and Hellfest in France.

Always true to his roots, Dank continues to play with groups like horror-garage punk rockers The VON GHOULS, hardcore metal-thrashers, CORPSEFIER, and he has filled in with UNDIVIDED. He is always giggng — for Whiplash, Leeway NYC, All Bottom, FUGGITT, hUShh, and performs a kick-ass solo acoustic act.


Dank has toured with WHIPLASH since 2011, bringing his menacing bass style to Europe, South American, Japan, and the US.


Dank DeLong is a proud member of NYDM-Rockland. \m/

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