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The Whiplash lineup of Portaro, DeLong and Foord were together from 2010-2015. Their lineup change was amicable, citing Foord's promising career developments with the reformation of his former band Sikth. Also on Dan's plate was his new band Krokodil, plus drum teaching and touring obligations. Dan Foord will be called upon to perform with WHIPLASH again, but the Headbangers Open Air Festival in Germany on July 26, 2014, was officially Foord's last show as the full-time Whiplash drummer.

Dan “Loord” Foord established himself as a sought after drummer on the British metal scene. Recognized for his technical flair in mixing complex rhythms and time signatures, Dan was voted 86th in the top beats of all time in Rhythm magazine, 2006.


Joining SIKTH in 2001 brought Dan much attention. He led masterclasses at the Institute, Bath Rhythm week, Drumtech and the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM), where he has taught weekly workshops.


Following SIKTH, Dan played with Perceval Gage, and in 2010, he joined Primal Rock Rebellion featuring Adrian Smith (IRON MAIDEN) and Mikee Goodman (formerly of SIKTH).  In 2011, Dan was asked to join WHIPLASH, after being recommended to Tony Portaro by Ben Ward (ORANGE GOBLIN) and Nathan Perrier (11 PARANOIAS, CAPRICORNS).

Dan’s mathematical mastery of drums became the key ingredient of WHIPLASH’s thrash sound, and was instrumental in Portaro's decision to rerecord some early WHIPLASH songs. His brilliant work is also featured on the new material for "Old School American Way."


Following the Primal Rock Rebellion project, which reunited Goodman and Foord, Sikth resurrected to long-anticipated acclaim, and began recording and touring.


With his talent and popularity on the rise, Foord formed a new UK band, Krokodile, which released their debut record in May 2014. 


Dan continues to perform master-classes and has become a qualified teacher. He also records for numerous artists and has produced several records.


As an unstoppable force, Dan Foord will be pursuing his career through the various avenues availing themselves to him. While no longer holding the full-time position as drummer for Whiplash, Dan will always be welcome to fill in at times when schedules and circumstances permit.

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